Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Winners and Losers

It's always a difficult thing to start a new blog. You have a concept for the blog as a whole, but often don't have a topic for the inaugural post. You hope to develop some readership, but don't know how many people will read it at this early stage in its life. I guess the best thing to do is simply set out what the blog itself will be about.

I love sports. All of them. If it has a winner and a loser, I love watching, playing, analysing, and discussing it. I have my favourites, but really anything will do. I often have thoughts about these sports that nobody I encounter regularly would be able to appreciate, and so we turn to the proverbial blogosphere. This is a place I will post these thoughts about sports, domestic or international, good or bad, they will all be here.

I told you it was difficult to write the first post - I've nothing left to say. I promise, it will be better once I actually start writing on specific topics. Stay tuned sportsfans.

1 comment:

andrew_nixon79 said...

Good luck with the new blog Jonathan, I look forward to reading it!